Welcome to Martin County News

I don’t know about you but just when I think I can’t be any more disappointed, frustrated, annoyed, or disappointed (yes, I know I said it twice, but it’s just never-ending) with those in charge, something else happens to reinforce how I feel.

Over the holidays, we thought we would have a bit of a reprieve and time to regroup and look at what challenges still face us and come up with a strategy. But there is no rest.

The owners of the Kanner CPUD took the liberty to “mow and mulch” their property in excess of what was supposedly permitted. The attorney for the Kanner CPUD sent out certified mail to a number of individuals on Kanner Highway a note from Susan O’Rourke Engineering & Planning with the plan for the roadway. They sent it on Christmas Eve. In fact, a second mail carrier had to be brought in to accommodate letter delivery nevermind regular holiday delivery of Christmas packages. Merry Christmas, right?

But if you weren’t the one with a drone standing in a yard of a friend and neighbor letting you use their property for take off and landing, and if you don’t live on Kanner Highway within 300 feet of the Kanner CPUD, would you know about any of this?

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Unless someone told you, then no, you wouldn’t know.

We wondered if anyone else was talking about the development activity in Stuart and Martin County with the actual facts of the developments… how many acres, how many units, how many parking spaces, how much increased traffic, how many wetlands destroyed, etc. We looked through existing blog posts and news outlets and there is very little to advise you as to what’s happening. There are a lot of opinions from those who claim to be our friends and our neighbors – and believe me, we have lots of opinions, too – but opinions don’t give you the facts. And the fact is you should know and you *deserve* to know.

We don’t own any land in development. We don’t own or have an investment in any construction companies, land planning companies, traffic study companies, or environmental companies. According to some, we should not even speak to any of this because we aren’t “experts.” Well, they’re right. We aren’t experts. But we can research and read and ask questions and draw sound conclusions based on objective information and empirical evidence and we can share that with you.

We are doing this strictly of concern for the well being and health of our community.

It might be a new year, but the issues are the same. You deserve to know what’s happening, who’s doing it and how you’re impacted. And we look forward to sharing all we know and learn with you.